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Inspired & Trendworthy: Dark Walls

By Summer

Well, would you do it? Paint your walls dark? Black, grey? Chalkboard? It's so daring & dramatic!

I have been inspired by all the dark walls I have seen lately. A couple trends I have noticed:
1. Dark walls are often offset with high-contrast colors - white & light wood.
2. Rooms that have dark walls are not over decorated. After a few key objects, the room spells perfection.
3. Dark walls work in any room of the house from the kitchen, bath & bedroom .. even the nursery!
4. Not all walls are painted dark - especially if the dark wall is a chalkboard wall.
5. The rooms appear to be well lit. Forget about painting your walls dark if you have cruddy lighting.

All images via our COLOR: Dark Walls pinboard on Pinterest. Click for more images, direct image links & dark wall inspiration.