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  • labor day sale

    labor day sale | H&H Blog


    Labor Day ... end of the Summer ... oh, a sale is definitely in order.
    11% off thru September 15th, use code LABOR14 at checkout.
    Some exclusions apply, not valid on certain brands.

    Hip hip!

  • hutch & crockery

    hutch & crockery | H&H Blog hutch & crockery | H&H Blog


    Could this charcoal painted antique hutch and fantastic collection of crockery be any more perfect?!!

    Oh, I dream!
    Via Karen Rosenlund.

  • ferm living aw14

    ferm living aw14 | H&H Blogferm living aw14 | H&H Blogferm living aw14 | H&H Blogferm living aw14 | H&H Blogferm living aw14 | H&H Blogferm living aw14 | H&H Blogferm living aw14 | H&H Blog


    Ah, personality, you know? Anyone else burnt out on even looking at black & white monochrome spaces? I love minimal, I love monochrome but the super graphic, product-placement so-so spaces are just so boring ... and clunky.

    Authentic spaces are so cohesive that at first glance you will get a genuine sense of the person,  a beautiful reflection. A space should never say "look at all my amazing products" hah, you get the idea.

    And so it reminds me of the new AW14 Ferm Living Collection. At first glance I'm not quite sure what's Ferm Living and what's not. But I do get a genuine sense of the collection, the personality. And I love it's warmth and ease .... and stated-ness.

    We don't have the new collection up on House&Hold quit yet ... but soon! Be sure to sign up for the H&H Newsletter to be with it.

  • list 7.31.14

    aesop & kinfolk | H&H Blog

    1. aesop / kinfolk / portland
    portland is cool and we all know that. but locals have even more to toot our horn about ... 2 new aesop stores will be opening up early august .. one in the west end and a second on nw 23rd. seriously now.

    aesop will be launching their new shops in conjunction with kinfolk (with a preview of their new fall edition 'The Imperfect Issue') on thursday august 7th at the west end location (1300 w. burnside) .. rsvp to join the celebration.



    bloodstream | H&H Blog

    2. imperfect
    speaking of kinfolk, i guess ... and imperfection ... perhaps. i thought this snippet on bloodstream was interesting. she nutshell-ed it with this one:

    "It’s so important for us to remember what is real, what we can expect of ourselves and what is a modern minimalist fairytale. Live a distinguished existence, but not at the expense of beauty that cannot be curated, the beauty that is real and happens when you aren’t riding through the forest in your Swedish Hasbeens on your light blue cruiser with a puppy in your basket on your way to an outdoor garden party with string lights and handsome humans. Remember the spark that cannot be contrived from selecting your surroundings."

    You can read the rest here, well put.

    also, on another note if i were in seattle tonight you bet i'd be at the twin peaks / david lynch night at the SAM. creepy northwest woodsy drama & cherry pie with coffee? totally.


    wild herb curd | H&H Blog

    3. wild herb curd
    nettles clearly scare me after being relentlessly stung by them as a kid, but i'd be all down with the wild herb curd (also, fun to say...) in this recipe for nettle bread by fork & flower.

    unrelated to nettles, please add the cripple creek perfume by na nin to your must have list. i can almost smell it...

  • summer sale!

    H&H storewide summer sale

    Storewide Summer Sale is .. on now! Use code SUMMER2014 & receive 11% off your order, some restrictions apply.

    Shop now!

  • working hands farm

    working hands farm | H&H Blogworking hands farm | H&H Blogworking hands farm | H&H Blog

    Working Hands Farm is just down the country road from our home. They've built a brand new farm since I  posted about them last April ... and it's beautiful. Old fashion farm qualities & function yet has a really refined aesthetic. It's evident they've put a lot of thought into their space.

    A 2015 CSA membership is definitely in order ..!  Working Hands Farm also has an incredible blog that'll make you long to be a farmer....  & their photos are amazing.

  • finds

    finds | H&H Blogfinds | H&H Blogfinds | H&H Blog



    Estate & tag sales are my favorite, especially in the summertime. I love a good treasure hunt (and bargain!) so I go out as often as I can. These sorts of found objects add such a rich layer of authenticity to your home, something I think we all desire. If your home is looking like everyone else's stop buying the "it" product of the moment (or worse yet, being bummed that everyone has copied you...) and buy something ... authentic.

    Pictured above is one afternoon's finds. A handful of i vetri di fidenza jars (one can never have too many jars!), an off white crock and perhaps my best score of the year -- a Hammersmith Copper Saucepan, made in Brooklyn. For $1! Retails for $209 .... oh ya!


  • list 7.14.14

    big sur | H&H Blog

    1. vacation
    our roadtrip down the Oregon & California coast to San Fran & Big Sur is just 5 weeks away. So excited. Loved this editorial on Big Sur from cereal.


    lemongrass spritzer | H&H Blog

    2. drinks
    i have not made enough fun summer-y things to drink, OH! ... lemongrass mint spritzer  and honeysuckle lemonade ... yes & yes.



    summerland | H&H Blog

    3. sweet summerland
    the garden is growing and life is just so beautiful in the summer. i discovered a new blog, babes in boyland .... such a summerland. beautiful photos...


    ps. i ended up taking the last couple weeks off. and around. doing summertime things like one should ... hip hip!


  • menu midsummer

    menu midsummer | H&H Blogmenu midsummer | H&H Blog

    I'd like to be there, doing that.
    Menu Fire BucketTorchSlateGrinderFlip Table .... you get the idea.

    Shop Menu.

  • list 6.19.14

    list 6.19.14 | H&H Blog

    1. bathroom
    three things: the enamelware sink, towel rack ladder & that shelf with brushes, soap & such. perfect for my half bath downstairs that has mostly a utility function (kids washing their hands after they come in from outside .. dirty!). i'll take 1 bathroom remodel on the double! image via.


    list 6.19.14 | H&H Blog

    2. kitchen bits
    summer is in full swing. outdoor cooking and an over-abundance of herbs equals this diy herb basting brush from food republic. brilliant.

    also? i love this minimalist baking mat from Ricardo. i got rid of my old silpats last year when we moved .. they were so gross & stained. i've found that i really miss not having them and dislike all the waste of parchment paper when i'm baking.

    and? Bulgarian Yogurt starter is on my list, we always have a batch of homemade yogurt going .. nothing better! The Scandinavian Piimä starter also sounds amazing. Mmmmm.

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