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  • september

    september | H&H blog


    Sweet zinnias from my neighbor lady. September is here & summertime has nearly come to an end. It's been hot & wonderful yet I welcome Autumn.

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  • floret

    floret | H&H Blogfloret | H&H BLOG

    I am ever inspired when people live what they love. Erin Benzakein and family ... Floret Flower Farm ... they're living it. And doing it. And I love it.

    Get lost in Floret's blog & shop. Absolutely  beautiful.


  • menu ss15 kitchen

    menu ss15 | H&H Blog menu ss15 | H&H Blog

    New additions by Menu coming soon including New Norm Storage Jars in grey!

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  • ss15 ferm living

    ss15 ferm living | House & Hold


    A peek at the new Ferm Living collection for Spring/Summer 2015 -- it's won't be a huge new collection of wares but a gentle addition to their current products -- added colors & finishes & a few new eye catching pieces.

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  • paperwhites

    paperwhites | H&H Blogpaperwhites | H&H Blog

    Forcing paperwhite bulbs indoors is a simple, satisfying project that is both inexpensive and can be done without creating any waste - no fussy packaging to deal with and no plastic pots to dispose of. Plus? Paperwhite blossoms smell amazing.

    Purchase bulbs in the bulk section at the garden shop. Not only are you not subject to packaging, but you can pick the best bulbs of the bunch. Don't forgot to use your own cloth bags.

    Gather pebbles (or sand, dirt, etc) from the driveway / somewhere nearby or purchase in bulk from the garden shop (again, use a cloth bag!). Bulbs can also be forced in water, check this out.

    Find a vessel in your home to use. It can be anything, really - glass vase, pottery piece or terra cotta pot. I used a 10" wide/3" high terra cotta pot that I picked up at the thrift shop some months ago.

    1. Fill the bottom of the vessel with pebbles & place bulbs on top of pebbles, root sides down. Bulbs will root into pebbles as they grow. Cram as many or as few bulbs you want into the vessel, however I think the bulbs do best when planted a bit crowded.
    2. Water, filling to the bottom of the bulbs. The bulbs should not be floating in water, but water sustains their growth. Water the bulbs daily.
    3. Bulbs will bloom in a few weeks ..  enjoy watching the progress and the blooms!
    4. Once bulbs are all bloomed out, either compost the bulbs or plant outside. Read this article about re-planting forced bulbs. Do not toss them in the trash!
    5. Clean the vessel and use for another planting or for forcing bulbs next year. Pour the pebbles back outside!


    Forcing bulbs is a beautiful, zero waste (no trash!) project. Natural minimalism!

  • menu ss15

    menu ss15 | H&H Blog menu ss15 | H&H Blog


    A peek at a few favorites from the ss15 Menu collection -- the Afteroom Lounge Chair designed by Afteroom & the Turning Table designed by Theresa Arns.

    Coming soon to H&H! Be sure to sign up for our mailing list to keep up on the latest news.

    Shop Menu.

  • gifts in jars

    call me cupcake - gifts in jars | H&H Blog call me cupcake - gifts in jars | H&H Blog call me cupcake - gifts in jars | H&H Blog

    I intended to post this during Christmas time but alas, gifts in jars works for any time of the year! I love what Linda Lomelino (Call me Cupcake) has done with this project, elevating the beauty of a gift in a jar.

    The recipes are amazing and the fact that it's a zero waste gift is even finer. All ingredients can be purchased in bulk (no more buying packaged ingredients & be sure to use your own containers & fabric bags to put your bulk items in!).

    The natural packaging (greens, twine, clothespin and of course the jar) can either be composted or reused. The only thing I would change is to omit the printed label glued to the jar and include a small handwritten note instead.

    Jars are just so beautiful, especially when received as a gift with treats inside! Valentine's Day is coming up....  For all the recipes and more goodness, click here.

  • hans blomquist

    hans2 hans blomquist | H&H blog hans blomquist | H&H blog

    It's a styled space and doesn't really belong to anybody. But I'm tricked! I gather a bit about this person, the layers of life. I grow so bored of spaces filled with products and designs and piles of nonsense only to make it feel like a well styled space.

    Styled by Hans Blomquist, more here.

  • last sale of the season!

    final sale of the season | 12% off | H&H

    *some restrictions apply. sale ends 12/24/14

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