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Thomas Paul Scrimshaw Moby Tray Set

Brand: Thomas Paul
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Thomas Paul Scrimshaw Moby Tray Set

The Scrimshaw collection is inspired by the pieces sailors on whaling ships would carve into whale bone while out at sea.

The vision for the Thomas Paul brand has always been about combining classic design motifs from different periods in textile design. Incorporating anything from an 18th century Damask pattern to a camouflage print.

The unifying thread between so many different styles is to change the designs so they are updated for today. This means changing the scale, so they are always bold, and reducing down the colors and details, so most designs are reduced to two or three colors and become very flat, bold prints.


  • Scrimshaw Moby tray set
  • Melamine
  • BPA free
  • Set of two trays - head & tail


        • 13,25" x 9.125"


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