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Audo Darkly Mirror

Brand: Audo
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Audo Darkly Mirror

The Darkly Mirror explores the historical relationship humans had with their reflections. It is believed by some historians that the earliest mirrors used during the late Stone Age were just ceramic bowls that had water in it. The lack of solid evidence to prove this theory intrigues Nick Ross, whose design of Darkly Mirror for MENU was inspired by the ceramic bowl mirrors. "The fact that it can't be proven increases the mystery surrounding the object. So is this a reinvented object, or is it completely new? I wanted to design a modern object based on this concept that asks questions about its possible past and its connection to the 'self'." The Darkly Mirror is great as modern wall decor.


  • Designed by Nick Ross
  • Inspired by the history surround the ceramic bowl, water & mirrors
  • Will look delightful in any room of the home
  • Brass frame


    • Large
      23.5"Dia. x 7.25"D


    • The base is made by spun solid Brass: both materials are non treated and will oxidize over time


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