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Audo Bottle Grinder - Ceramic

Brand: Audo
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Audo Bottle Grinder - Ceramic

The Norm Bottle Grinder steers away from the ordinary grinder and subverts expectations of a salt and pepper grinder. It takes the form of a bottle to smartly deceive people into increased experimental interaction and more playfulness. The grinder can be operated easily thanks to the potent ceramic mechanism, making it suitable for not just salt and pepper, but also for grains, spices, nuts, dried fruits, and seeds. All you have to do is open them and fill with the required ingredients and close again. It is that simple.

The grinder will leave no trace in the kitchen or on the table because the contents sprinkle out only when you are grinding, thanks to the unique inverted design. One vital thing to the entire experience is the shape of the Grinder which is similar to a bottle. Kasper Rønn, the designer, states that "This shape suggests a liquid content such as dressing or oil, but it's actually dried up nuts or spices. This shape is used to amaze or even deceive the user, taking them by surprise. People sometimes require a small amount of surprise to alter their habits". In addition to having a rubber surface that is easy to clean and grip, the Audo Bottle Grinders feature rounded base to fit in the hands perfectly. These Modern Kitchen Accessories come in a variety of soft and beautiful Scandinavian colors. Enjoy the cooking.


  • Designed by Norm Architects
  • BPA Free
  • Set of 2 includes two bottle grinders


  • 3.25"W x 8"H


  • Ceramic body
  • Walnut
  • Grinding Mechanism: Ceramic


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