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etúHOME Oversized Perfume Bottle

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etúHOME Oversized Perfume Bottle

A different take on an extra-large perfume bottle, this glass bottle is an amazing piece. The glass accent gets the name from the narrow opening that slopes down to a flattened body. The oversized decorative bottle can stand out on its own on top of a sideboard or displayed alone in a cabinet, regardless all eyes will be centered on the beautiful piece.

Due to the recycled nature of the glass bottles, each bottle may vary in size, shape, and coloring.

The shape, size, and surface area of this product may vary slightly from the pictures shown due to the differences in grooves, dips, and bubbles that normally occur in natural and recycled materials. These identifiers are unique to each product and help to authenticate each item as one-of-a-kind. Created by hand. It demonstrates the unique skill of the artisan in a world of mass production. Made from recycled glass that has been extracted and reconditioned for a new use. Our process minimizes waste in landfills. Crafted by artisans using age-old techniques that are rooted in regionally specific traditions.


  • Narrow opening
  • Flattened body
  • Hand Made
  • Made from recycled
  • Made by artisans using age-old techniques


  • 12”L x 6”W x 18 ½”H


  • Recycled glass


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