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ARTLESS Occidental Bench - Indoor & Outdoor

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ARTLESS Occidental Bench - Indoor & Outdoor

ARTLESS Occidental tables and benches hit a new plateau in our overall approach. Not merely in our design approach, not only in our manufacturing process but surely in our overall commitment to material and structural purity. The Occidental tables and benches epitomize our commitment to material purity, structural clarity and thus ARTLESS values. They are composed of two materials in their rawest states, wood and aluminum. Structurally elegant, materially pure and clearly executed. Another "indestructible" object, yet this one can withstand not only the elements but also a hurricane, if one came knocking at the door.


  • ARTLESS Occidental table and bench is composed of two supremely strong materials. Afrormosia wood and stainless-steel bars compose this table, pure and simple.
  • While the ½-inch stainless-steel bars connect the 2-inch afrormosia boards together to structure the wood top and help attach the legs, they primarily help stabilize the wood as it expands and contracts due to changes in weather.
  • Afrormosia is a West African wood of incredible beauty and durability. We hand-finish the table with an outdoor oil.


    • 16"D X 18"H x 60"L
    • 16"D X 18"H x 72"L
    • 16"D X 18"H x 84"L
    • 16"D X 18"H x 96"L
    • 16"D X 18"H x 108"L
    • 16"D X 18"H x 120"L
    • 16"D X 18"H x 132"L
    • Available in increments of 1 foot in length up to 14 feet.


      • Afrormosia wood and aluminum


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