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Pablo Lighting

Pablo Lighting Designs is a San Francisco based contemporary lighting brand founded by Pablo Pardo in 1993. Pablo Designs embraces the “less is more” principle which is evident in their highly refined modern lighting pieces. 

Pablo wants their lighting products to be as minimal as possible, while exuding a modern elegance. Their goal is to have their pieces broken down to its simplest form, providing the user with what is needed, nothing more and nothing less . Pablo uses very simple and subtle designs which are highly refined going by their ideals yet it is very sophisticated at the same time.  

Pablo designs showcases various lighting fixtures including table lamps, pendants, floor lamps, modern chandeliers and other pieces that mirror their creativity. Pablo creates unique and useful pieces with a very distinct look is what separates them from their other contemporary brands. Pablo's design team is a creative and cohesive group of like minded individuals making Pablo designs into timeless works of art.

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