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Modern Lounge Chairs

The perfect modern lounge chair has both style and versatility that is arguably unmatched by any other furniture piece. The right lounge chair is the perfect spot to unwind at the end of a long day with your favorite book, or glass of wine. We make shopping online for the perfect lounge chair easy with our carefully curated selection of lounge chairs by today's top brands and hottest designers like Menu, Gus Modern and M.A.D. Furniture.

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Looking at the definition of lounge chair, it’s not something simple as you might initially think. Basically, the strictest definition is that it is an armless stationary recliner coupled with an ottoman that is made for relaxation.

Lounge chairs don’t recline. Instead, they are crafted with a permanent recline that cannot be changed, which is a core feature that distinguishes them from other recliners whose angle can be changed by the user. 

Below is a basic breakdown of lounge chair styles:

  • Classic lounge chair: the classic lounge chair is stationary, featuring a high back and armrests
  • Armless lounge chair: Same as the previous one except for the arms, which are missing
  • Chaise lounge: Features extensive length for increased relaxation
  • Club chair: Roomy, featuring a low back and deep seat
  • Wingback chair: Features forward side panels protruding from the back

What type of lounge chair should you purchase?

When you are searching for the most ideal chairs for your living space, you might want to select pieces that are stylish, comfortable and durable enough to withstand the use by family and friends for years. We make it easy to shop online for the perfect modern lounge chair by carefully curating only the best lounge chairs by the most reputable brands. Beyond purchasing from quality brands, you'll want to keep in mind a few additional things when shopping for a lounge chair. 

  1. Ensure that it can fit in your space
  2. Ensure that it blends with the style of the other furniture you have
  3. Coordinate with functionality of the chairs you already have
  4. Keep in mind the atmosphere and style
  5. Select the right material considering space, function and use

Whether you're a homeowner searching for the perfect modern lounge chair to complement your new modern sofa, or your'e a designer looking to outfit a new hotel lounge area, we make shopping online easy with the highest quality furniture from today's most reputable designers and brands.