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Essentials For Living

Essentials For Living creates a collection of fashion forward designs that perfectly work together to create a cohesive feel, or be arranged to create interesting combinations with other pieces and styles to create a beautiful transitional living space. As always, every product from Essentials For Living is made with a rigorous attention to detail, quality materials, and the highest level of expert craftsmanship.

Essentials for Living

We love Essentials for Living because it's one of those unique brands that creates high quality products to blend into almost any decor scheme, whether it's modern, Scandinavian, coastal, boho, or other transitional furniture pieces. Many of their pieces are upholstered in beautiful neutral colors that fit into almost any space. 

If you’re shopping for Essentials for Living Furniture, you’ve come to the right place. Feel free to read a bit below If you’d like to learn more, or jump over to our Essentials for Living Buyer’s Guide for a more in depth breakdown of the brand to help you make the most informed buying decision. 

Who is Essentials For Living?

Essentials For Living is a remarkable furniture brand that has carved a niche for itself in the realm of home furnishings. With a keen eye for detail and an unwavering commitment to quality, this brand stands out for its unique blend of style, functionality, and durability. Essentials For Living offers a diverse range of products, from dining tables and chairs to bedroom sets and living room essentials, ensuring that every space in your home reflects your personal taste and lifestyle.

Based out of Orange County California, Essentials For Living is the combination of two furniture brands that have been in the business for decades: Stars International Furniture, Inc. and Orient Express Furniture. Their aesthetic is an exciting mixture of traditional and modern that works well together, or can be used to mix and match with other styles to create an environment that you love to live in.

What sets Essentials For Living apart from other furniture brands is its dedication to crafting pieces that are not only visually appealing but also functional and long-lasting. The brand understands that furniture is an investment, and they take this responsibility seriously by using high-quality materials and employing skilled craftsmen. Their designs seamlessly merge contemporary aesthetics with classic influences, resulting in furniture that transcends trends and remains relevant for years to come.

One of the key reasons Essentials For Living is so unique is its commitment to sustainability. The brand strives to minimize its environmental impact by using eco-friendly materials and adopting responsible manufacturing processes. This dedication to sustainability ensures that when you purchase a piece from Essentials For Living, you are making a conscious choice that aligns with your values and supports the health of our planet.

Quick and reliable distribution

Essentials For Living prides themselves on having two large distribution centers, one at their headquarters in Orange County, and one in High Point North Carolina, so that orders can be delivered quick and easy anywhere in the country. They sell their products by way of their authorized retailers only. 

What’s Their Style? 

While shopping for different home furniture brands you are going to come across a lot of different styles and designs (Modern, Contemporary, Traditional, etc) and we would not blame you for getting confused and overwhelmed. Essentials For Living focuses on a transitional style of furniture. Transitional design is a blend of traditional and modern furniture design. 

What's Transitional Style?

We know what you’re thinking, “okay, but what does that mean?” Transitional design takes aspects of the two extremes (modern and traditional) to create its own unique identity. For example, it takes elements of sleek minimalism from modern design and weaves it into the casual or ornate elements of traditional design to create exciting and unexpected juxtapositions that seem to span time. Essentials For Living creates beautiful transitional pieces that fit into any contemporary setting.

Essentials For Living Furniture is Easy to Mix & Match

In other words, it is a mixture of casual and sophisticated with an emphasis on comfort and timelessness. It is for the individual who doesn’t want to fit into one category when it comes to putting a distinct label on their personal aesthetic. What we love about the transitional style is that it’s constantly changing, making it always seemingly contemporary and aligning itself with the current trend. 

Craftsmanship & Materials

Essentials For Living offers a range of high-quality products that are expertly crafted and shipped to their two distribution centers. These qualities include LiveSmart Fabric by Culp, an eco friendly fabric that contains no chemicals and is moisture and stain resistant. 

Their collections, which we will describe in greater detail below, are comprised of products that are made from woods such as pine, oak, elm, walnut, mahogany, and teak. They also offer products that contain granite such as bluestone and light gray concrete and metals such as brushed gold and gray steel. One of their collections, Vivente contains furniture that is a product of Italy.  

Unique Methods or Materials Used

One of the most unique products that Essentials for Living has to offer is their loom dining arm chair. The set of two comes in three distinct color patterns, has a reinforced dual aluminum frame, a thick fixed seat cushion, rope weave design, and solid mahogany legs. Additional materials included in the chair are polyolefin rope, olefin fabric, foam, linen, and polyester. 

Categories and Collections 

Essentials For Living has numerous categories and collections to choose from. Below is a brief description of their top categories. 

Dining Room

Their Dining category includes dining chairs, dining tables, and media sideboards. While their Living category is their most diverse selection that includes accent and end tables, accent tables and bookcases, accent seating, coffee tables, console tables, media cabinets, ottomans and benches, and upholstery. 


For the Essentials For Living Bedroom category they offer beds, nightstands, bedroom mirrors, dressers, and chests. Other categories include their Home Office selection, which offers desks, and Décor, which simply carries a small selection of mirrors. 

Living Room

Essentials for Living makes gorgeous living room furniture, from soft and cushy sofas to relaxing lounge chairs, living room armchairs and sideboards.


It's rare for a company to make outdoor furniture to rival their indoor collections, but due to the versatility of their fabrics and materials Essentials for Living is able to offer one of the most beautiful outdoor furniture collections on the market today. From outdoor tables, to outdoor armchairs, lounges and gorgeous outdoor sofas. You'll find everything you need to furnish the most luxurious and beautiful outdoor space imaginable. 


While we highlighted some of the materials used in the “notable craftsmanship” section, we wanted to take a more in depth look at the materials used in each collection. What’s exciting about this specific section is that these are just some of the materials used in each collection. We don’t want to overwhelm you after all!  

Bella Antique 

Examples of materials included: LiveSmart fabric, antique gray pine, black wash pine, smoke gray oak, flax linen, bluestone, and brushed goal. 


Examples of materials included: whiskey oak, alloy synthetic, brass, and ash gray concrete. 


Examples of materials included: LiveSmart fabric, rustic java ash and tartan charcoal. 


Examples of materials included: LiveSmart fabric, natural gray acacia, stone linen, and white carrera marble. 


Examples of materials included: black sandblasted mango, antique nickel, distressed bronze, and white marble. 

Mixx Décor 

Examples of materials included: white wash distressed mango, stainless steel, and white concrete. 


Examples of materials included: black cast iron, gunmetal, white marble, white resin and gray dyed bone. 

Sel De Mer 

Examples of materials included: snow white rattan and natural binding. 

Stitch and Hand 

Examples of materials included: LiveSmart fabric, natural gray oak, denim velvet, stone basket weave, whiskey brown top grain leather, and iron. 


Examples of materials included: gray birch high gloss, gray fog, and chrome foil trim. 


Examples of materials included: natural gray mahogany, white wash abaca rope, dove flat rope, and anthracite iron. 


Examples of materials included: walnut stained solid oak, dark umber top grain leather, 


Examples of materials included: walnut, charcoal, and smoke gray glass. 

Other Brands That Pair Well with Essentials for Living

If you’re looking for something to go with your new Essentials for Living furniture, the below brands pair extremely well. 

Four Hands is a brand that values bringing a wide variety of affordable, transitional styled furniture made from artisans around the world to their customers. 

Ferm Living is a Danish company that focuses on a Scandinavian design, which works well specifically with transitional design because of its minimalist approach and use of similar materials.  

Menu is another Scandinavian design oriented brand that emphasizes décor and lighting. 

Essentials For Living is a brand that’s been making quality, stylish furniture for a long time. They offer a wide range of transitional styled furniture with high quality and durable materials that they offer in a number of categories and collections. They also have two distribution centers on both sides of the U.S. to make shipping as effective as possible, offer reasonable warranties, and pair well with other brands. 

Enjoy free shipping, 100% price match and outstanding customer service when shopping for Essentials for Living furniture here at House&Hold.