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Modern Decor

Browse through our collection of modern decor and accent pieces by today's most popular designers, like Ferm Living and Menu Design. Our wide assortment of carefully curated decor and accessories will bring bring a unique personal touch to your home or office. Looking for stylish and functional accents? Shop through our selection of stylish throw pillows, modern clocks, and stylish wallpaper to add that perfect touch of style and personality to your space.

Why your choice in home decor is important

Home decor sets the tone within your home or office. It's through home decor that we express who we are and create a space that tells a story about our family or business. When choosing room decor, do not consider the room as a single entity. Every room connects with the rest of your home one way or another. If you'r aware of this you can bring a sense of flow and uniformity to your home or office. If you disregard this, your space could end up looking disjointed and choppy. Not to worry, it’s effortless to make the rooms connect and flow while decorating them, as long as you have an overall plan and stick with it.

While it is exciting to decorate your home, it comes accompanied by a fair bit of challenges, like lack of space or little to no natural lighting. Some of these common challenges might be frustrating, but instead of seeing them as obstacles, you could be inspired by them to design a beautiful space

6 Simple questions to ask yourself when buying home decor

If you are contemplating introducing new accents and decor to your home, there are a few things you need to ask yourself. These simple questions can help you purchase, curate, edit, and arrange your home, while preventing you from making the wrong choice.

  1. Do you like it?
  2. Where will you keep it?
  3. Does it match with what you have?
  4. Can you return it?
  5. Can you afford it?
  6. Would you still like it after 10 years?

What style do you decorate with?

Searching for a thematic inspiration to decorate your home or office? There are some basic styles that are popular today.  While this list is in no way conclusive, there's many resources available online to help inspire by searching out the below design & decor themes.  

  • Mid-century modern - Minimal shapes, hard edges, and bold colors
  • Industrial - Distressed wood, exposed steel, rustic and aged
  • Nautical - Beach house, airy, cozy and coastal. Rustic woods consisting of blue as the core color
  • Scandinavian - Light airy, minimalistic, muted tones combined with dashing graphic elements
  • Bohemian - Adventurous, Carefree, eclectic, with nomadic or ethnic vibes
  • Farmhouse - Contemporary cabin-inspired design. Modern elements mixed with traditional ones. Distressed wood, antiques, linen
  • Minimalist - Completely modern, clean lines, devoid of clutter, less is more
  • Contemporary - Of the present, a specific current approach to modern design, generally more approachable

It can surely be overwhelming to figure out exactly what you like and what will be suitable when it comes to your home decor. After you single out your style of decor, it will become much easier to shop and choose the perfect decor for your home.

Stylish decor accessories

Convert your house to a home using unique accessories and home decor perfectly customized to your lifestyle. Make your small apartment feel more spacious using  mirrors. Adorn minimalist homes with real and faux plants in stylish flower pots and planters. Shout out with bold wall hangings and curtains. Add an element of cozy to the sofa with the perfect high quality throw blanket.