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With the wide selection of clocks offered by House&Hold, experience the elegance of time. Our carefully chosen selection, which includes clocks that are more than simply a way to tell the time—they're also compelling wall decor—combines functionality and style. Discover our collection of clocks, from traditional to modern minimalist types, all ideal for giving any space a timeless feel.

Finding Time: A Comprehensive Guide to Shopping for Clocks

The clock is a crucial component of our life since it keeps us on schedule and facilitates time management. A clock can be a statement piece, a decorative component that reflects your taste and improves the appearance of your home, in addition to serving as an interior accent. Huygens' timeless elegance, Arne Jacobsen's minimalist inventiveness, and LEFF Amsterdam's artistic craftsmanship are just a few examples of the clocks whose selection can have a big impact on the atmosphere of your room. This in-depth guide will help you find the ideal clock that blends quality, style, and functionality.

Identifying Quality in Clocks

Accuracy is the primary consideration when purchasing a clock, but quality encompasses more than just accuracy. Observe the following:

  • It's important that your clock maintains proper time. Companies like Huygens are well known for keeping accurate time.

  • Material: Longevity of the clock is increased by high-quality materials. A quality clock is robust and expertly crafted, whether it is made of wood, metal, or glass.

  • Movement Type: Quartz movements are a popular option because they are precise and need little upkeep. Despite requiring frequent winding, mechanical movements can offer charm for a hint of the past.

  • Durability: A clock should be made to last, so search for manufacturers who use durable materials and solid mechanics.

  • Design: The style should complement your interior design while also being aesthetically pleasant. It should be simple to read the clock face.

Benefits of a Quality Clock

A high-quality clock provides many benefits than just telling the time, including the following:

  • Efficient Time Management: Throughout the day, managing time effectively can be greatly aided by a reliable clock. If you study or work from home, keeping an eye on the time can help you organize your day and stay on schedule with your chores and break periods. A clock helps keep track of cooking times in the kitchen, and it can help you schedule your exercises at the gym.

  • Element of Decor: A clock has countless ornamental applications. The appropriate clock may work as a focal point in a space, calling attention to it and giving it personality. It can enhance the aesthetic of the space or offer a startling contrast. An Arne Jacobsen clock, for instance, might provide minimalist sophistication to a contemporary space, while a piece by LEFF Amsterdam might act as an art installation that inspires appreciation and discourse.

  • Nightstand clocks with integrated functions like alarms and lights provide comfort and convenience. Not only do they make sure you get up on time, but some of them also provide features like soft alarms, night lights, or even weather updates. These capabilities are smoothly offered by high-quality digital clocks, providing convenience to your daily activities.

  • Heirloom Potential: Finely manufactured, high-quality clocks, especially those with classic designs made of durable materials, can become family heirlooms. The ticking hands of these clocks, which contain tales and history, can be passed down through the generations. One day, your grandchild's mantel may be adorned with a beautifully crafted clock by Huygens, acting as an eternal link to the past.

  • Sustainability: Many high-quality clock manufacturers are working to become more sustainable, producing goods that are both long-lasting and created using environmentally friendly methods or materials. By reducing waste and the negative effects on the environment, such products increase the value of your purchase.

  • Auditory Appeal: Although it may seem dated, the quiet chime or tick-tock of a clock can provide an aural element to your space, fostering a comforting, cozy ambiance. Some high-quality clocks even take into account the sound design of their goods to ensure that they enhance the ambiance of your house without being overbearing.

  • Learning Aid: A clock can be a useful teaching aid for families with young children. Younger kids can learn how to tell time and understand the concept of time with the aid of analog clocks.

  • Durability: Timepieces of superior quality are made to endure. To survive the test of time, both literally and metaphorically, they are constructed of durable materials. Because of its robustness, your clock will remain a part of the decor of your home for many years, if not decades, providing accurate timekeeping and timeless style.

Current Design Styles and Trends

Designs for clocks have changed as a result of advancing technology and shifting desires. Let's examine a few recent trends:

  • A minimalist clock with clean lines and a plain face, like those created by Arne Jacobsen, may give your contemporary house a classy feel.

  • Retro and Vintage: Clocks with an old-world charm can give your space a nostalgic feel while also adding warmth and character.

  • Digital innovations: Multifunctional digital clocks that include features like alarms, timers, and weather data complement contemporary, technologically oriented decor.

  • Innovative, imaginative designs, like those from LEFF Amsterdam, can function not only as a timepiece but also as works of art.

Brand Spotlight: Huygens, Arne Jacobsen, and LEFF Amsterdam

  • Huygens: Named after the renowned Dutch mathematician and clockmaker, Huygens clocks are the epitome of accuracy and style. Their watches combine conventional clockmaking methods with current Dutch design, which is ideal for a contemporary yet timeless look.

  • Arne Jacobsen: Arne Jacobsen is a well-known Danish architect and designer who is renowned for his simple yet effective creations. His clocks are the pinnacle of accuracy and simplicity, and they look fantastic in contemporary, minimalist settings.

  • LEFF Amsterdam: With their distinctive, artistic timepieces, LEFF Amsterdam raises the bar for clock design. They give the utilitarian clock a statement-making makeover by fusing art and timekeeping in interesting ways in each clock.


A clock is more than just a timepiece; it's a crucial component of your home's interior design, representing your own taste and even acting as an heirloom. When purchasing a clock, consider the advantages they will offer to your environment and search for excellence in accuracy, materials, and design. Be mindful of the most recent design fads and the distinctive products offered by companies like Huygens, Arne Jacobsen, and LEFF Amsterdam. If you're searching for a clock that checks all the appropriate boxes—minimalism, vintage charm, technological innovation, or creative flair—you'll find it at House&Hold. After all, time is of the essence, so pick a clock that makes keeping track of it fashionable.