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Canvas Home

British designer Andrew Corrie established Canvas Home dishware back in 2008 with a simple motto; “simple, sustainable style”. Canvas home provides a wide collection of pieces that work well in every setting.  The combination of simple yet stylish design allowed the brand to blossom. Be it a mug or a bowl, pieces from Canvas Home reflect their philosophies and values as a whole.

Canvas Home creates handcrafted dishes made from high quality porcelain and other sustainable materials result in products that can be standalone and also would work well with a pair or set. 

Derived from their company motto, Canvas home highlights these values.

Simple - The brand believes that a canvas provides boundless potential thus making pieces that are subtle but timeless in terms of function and purpose. 

Sustainable - Canvas Home strives to make use of sustainable materials such as reclaimed lumber, recycled glass and bamboo fibers.

Style - What drives this brand is their zest for designing products that are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Providing a wide range of sophisticated pieces that mesh together.

Canvas Home dishware was founded by British entrepreneur and designer Andrew Corrie in 2008. Andrew has a vision that consists of a duality between a relaxed country atmosphere and urban chic. Canvas Home Dishes are created to suit any style and setting. A lot of pieces in the series were originally designed to satisfy the specific requirements of Andrew's own home; they were adapted into the Canvas Home modern collection only after passing this original test. This simple activity has enabled us to create a highly intimate design process and philosophy. Andrew's motto has always been: "Allow us to paint a unique picture that reflects the life you lead, on the blank canvas that is your home". 

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