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Banshu Hamono

Banshu Hamono creates the highest quality Japanese scissors & shears using age old techniques. It is believed that in the Banshu area of Japan's Hyogo prefecture the blacksmith industry started a long time back when a Katana factory was built there. Initially, in 1744 the industry started off manufacturing straight blades; now it involves a variety of items such as traditional straight razors of Japan, utility knives, floral shears, pruning shears, and gripping shears that are used in Japan for severing thread. Each Banshu Hamono scissors, shears and knives are meticulously handmade by expert craftsmen who employ the same techniques that have been used in Japan for many generations. 

Banshu is one of the oldest regions in Japan wherein the blacksmith industry became prevalent over time as it went along with the country’s industrial advancement. This is where Banshu Hamono is rooted from, this brand produces blades, knives, and scissors for everyday use. Each piece from their collection is carefully handcrafted using techniques that have been passed down from generations. The straightforward looks and design of scissors, shears and cutlery complements its functionality. What you see is what you get from Banshu Hamono. Their products are made from high quality steel formerly called “Chiguasa- Hagane” and now referred to as “Tama-Hagane” which is a type of steel that they make “Katana” or Japanese swords with.

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