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Top 5 Interior Design Trends for 2019

by Danny Robertson

Novel interior design trends appear each year, which always makes one consider or reconsider updating spaces within your house. Knowing the current interior design trends offers inspiration that can help you update your home with ease and confidence. Some of the top trends of 2018 included rose gold, exposed lighting, and subway tiles. While these trends are by no means out of date now, we love looking ahead at what trends are emerging for the current year.

The new interior design ideas emerge each year and inspire fresh attempts on reworking classic styles. Also, many interior designers note that in 2019 there will be some excellent home interior design trends that we should pay attention to. Read on and find out about these design trends that might work their way into your next home design project.

Copper Accents

In 2018, rose gold was a popular decor trend. However, in 2019, there will be less prominence to rose gold and more prominence to copper accents as well as an assortment of other metals and finishes. With its earthly overall hue and orange and red tones, copper provides a breath of fresh air that is much needed for the new year. This trend will express itself through modern copper lighting and fixtures.

Brass Accents & Decor

2019 is going to be the year we see the back of chrome, stainless steel, and polished nickel; meanwhile modern brass lighting accents & decor will make way into our houses again. Brass will add an ever-present perception of elegance to even the simplest spaces because it is a subtle and unexpectedly warm alternative to steel accents.

Black and White Decor

Black and white is an evergreen design trend that should be on the list of trends that will continue to be popular throughout 2019. The contrasting colors of black and white decor provides a timeless graphic punch and also gives a sense of boldness and balance to your home.


This massively successful 2018 trend is seeing an increase in popularity due to the modern feel it brings about. Not only will this hue be a part of fashion and home decor, but in 2019 the pink shade will appear in unique and creative ways, offering you the opportunity to easily upgrade any space with wall coverings, decorative accents, and even mauve modern sofas.

Vintage Modern Lighting

This trend will shock many people by emerging again in 2019.  The vintage lighting will take the form of vintage sconces and pendants; it’ll be less exposed lighting. It would be accompanied by copper and brass finishes. In 2019, you can witness various design trends to unify.

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