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Top 10 Skagerak Chairs

by DAnny Robertson

top 10 skagerak chairs

Skagerak is a Danish company that produces beautiful high quality indoor and outdoor Scandinavian furniture.  In this article, we're going to highlight our top 10 Skagerak Chairs. When talking about choosing the right Skagerak chair, it’s a very personal matter as style and aesthetic have so much to do with it. If you love natural wood and the simplicity of Scandinavian design, you're sure to love this collection of chairs.

Skagerak Armchairs

The right Scandinavian armchair is both stylish and cozy enough to curl up on with a great book for hours on end. But the right arm chair is so much more than this. Depending on your chosen chair it can also be a highly versatile feature piece for any room. Skagerak armchairs are both functional and beautiful. No longer do you need to paint a feature wall to make a statement - just choose the right chair for your space. 

Skagerak Dining Chairs

You also need to make sure you have the right chairs for your dining table. You want chairs that are durable for regular usage - whether entertaining guests, feeding your family or being used by your children as they do their homework and other projects.

It’s your space and it’s up to you to fill it with the piece that you love. You can choose the right combination of comfort and color. The right chairs will transform your space.

Skagerak provides a quality range of products and we are excited to be able to share them with you. Skagerak chairs are an investment that combine beauty and durability. 

Skagerak uses only the higheest quality woods, both oak and teak, and are made to become more beautiful with use. 

Here are our top 10 Skagerak chairs. 

skagerak hven armchairSkagerak Hven Armchair

The Hven Armchair from Skagerak combines comfort and durability. The arms on this chair are like a warm embrace that enhance the happy memories you will have - whether dining with family or entertaining your guests. 

The Hven Armchair is crafted from quality Oak. The design includes  overlapping poles, round corners and a comfortable curved shape.

This chair is perfect for use at the dining room table but many of our clients also are happy using the Hven Armchair as the perfect side chair in any other room around the house. 

skagerak selandia chairSkagerak Selandia Chair

There’s a lot to love about the Selandia Chair from Skagerak. This wooden chair will have you imagining the scent of sea air at the summer cabin, close your eyes and you will be able to imagine a cool breeze on your balcony on balmy summer nights.

The Selandia Chair is perfect for evening get-togethers in the garden. Crafted from teak, this chair combines Nordic features with a french accent. 

It is sturdy and durable whilst also being elegant and comfortable..

It can be used all the time but also is easily foldable should you need to store them away and make more space on your balcony or in your backyard. 

skagerak vendia chairSkagerak Vendia Chair

The Vendia Chair is the perfect chair for entertainers where space is a premium. It is comfortable. The chair has a smart and simple design that makes it great for balconies, kitchens or a BBQ-party in the backyard. 

The compact design of this foldable chair  means that this chair can be easily stored. The brass fittings contrast nicely with the honey-brown teak and the curved lines add an elegance to the classical, Nordic look. This chair has been designed by Mogens Holmriis

between lines deck chairSkagerak Between Lines Deck Chair

The Between Lines Deck Chair is the perfect relaxing chair for any outdoor setting. This Scandinavian influenced piece is Skagerak’s take on the classic deck chair. This chair is beautifully crafted from teak. Its low profile gives you a down to earth perspective. You will no doubt experience a high level of peace when relaxing in this chair. 

Designed by Stine Weigelt, you can enhance your comfort in this chair by adding a fitted cushion. 

Virkelyst ChairSkagerak Virkelyst Chair

The Virkelyst Chair brings indoor comfort to a modern outdoor chair. It is crafted with an elegant simplicity. The frame contrasts beautifully with thick, soft cushions. 

The upholstery fabrics are Oeko-Tex certified and extremely colour and lightfast as well as water and dirt-repellent and even mildew-resistant. The cushion is filled with airy fossflakes – an allergy-friendly polyethylene material which maintains its volume and shape over time.

Selandia 2 Seater ChairSkagerak Selandia 2 Seater Chair

The quintessence of Scandinavian summer, Selandia is a series that is characterized by its limitless combinations and incredible flexibility. You can combine and experiment with the versatile products from the series, all of which can be stacked and folded compactly, saving space.

The two-seater from Selandia Chair is a novel way to relax outside. This side by side chair duo is elegant and charming to the eyes, and equally good to sit in. The quality teak peace is crafted for durability 

mira lounge chairSkagerak Mira Lounge Chair

The Mira Lounge Chair is a low seater with a laid-back expression and an easy and airy style.The Mira Lounge Chair is lightweight and strong presenting an elegant and contemporary design. This chair can add an international style to your outdoor spaces.

It is designed for comfort with a wider and lower base. The mesh seat allows for quick drying if this seat is left out in the rain. It is designed by Mia Lagerman and available in 2 different colour styles. 

regatta lounge chairSkagerak Regatta Lounge Chair

If you want to embrace the coastal lifestyle in your own backyard, your own patio or balcony, then the Regatta Lounge Chair is for you. The elegant teak slats give this chair a relaxing, breezy look.

Designed with broad, bold and generous arm rests, this piece is the perfect piece for sitting back and relaxing. 

This teak chair is long lasting and durable. It will retain its elegance long after you purchase it and is the perfect addition to your outdoor setting. 

Columbus ChairSkagerak Columbus Chair

The Skagerak Columbus Chair is elegant, hardwearing, comfortable and versatile.

This chair, combining nordic style and inspired by classical garden chairs in the US, is designed to be durable. It is crafted from teak and has an adjustable backrest. This durable design would also work as a dining table if you like the look of it.  

In this article we have shared with you our top 10 Skagerak chairs. We’re confident that you may have found some inspiration from looking at these chairs. If you are struggling to choose which chair is best for you, here are some things to consider:

Choose a chair that nicely compliments and contrasts with the space. You want to ensure that it combines comfort with the right Scandinavian aesthetic. You should not be afraid of combining colors and textures but it is important to ensure that you think about all your pieces combined together. You need to think about how the chair fits in with the rest of your space - other furniture and also plants if you are looking at an outdoor setting. 

If space is at a premium, whether indoors or outdoors, make sure the chair does not overwhelm the space with its size. You want to make sure that your family and your guests can easily move around furniture - whether indoors or outdoors. If you are purchasing your chair for an outdoor setting, consider combining it with an interesting outdoor side table or other piece. Make sure you finish your chair off with the right cushions and other comforting pieces. 

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