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Top 10 Four Hands Coffee Tables

by DAnny Robertson

four hands coffee table in living room

We love how coffee tables can add so much to a living space, both practically and aesthetically, becoming an anchor and focal point to a room. From a practical perspective you can use them as a display, a surface on which to place drinks and, if you are just looking to relax, they are the perfect height for kicking back with your legs up. (Side note, it’s best not to kick your legs up in someone else’s house.) A great coffee table also means you’ll never lose the tv remote again, as long as you remember to keep it on the table.

While many use the top of their coffee table to display feature pieces in their living room, the coffee table itself can also be a statement piece. With this article we wanted to share with you our top 10 Four Hands Coffee Tables. Four Hands combines a wide range of features and styles, and chances are, there will be one to suit your own personal aesthetic. 

The team at Four Hands is passionate about bringing life to a space through furniture. They seek inspiration from across the globe and love experimenting with modern takes on traditional designs. This allows them to come up with a range of coffee tables to satisfy a wide range of eclectic tastes.

Here are our top 10 Four Hands Coffee Tables. Check them out to find the perfect addition for your home.  If you'd like to read more about Four Hands, be sure to read our Four Hands Buyer's Guide Here.

four hands parish coffee tableFour Hands Parish Coffee Table

We absolutely adore this hand-crafted modern coffee table. This elegant piece is made from sustainably harvested and reclaimed industrial materials. The mixture of old and new means that this table gives your space a modern look combined with old world charms. The texture of the materials, a mixture of rough and smooth, means this one of a kind piece always tells a story. 

The polished concrete gives this table it’s elegant grey tones. It can be used indoor or outdoors (although we do recommend bringing it indoors or covering it during particularly inclement weather.)

four hands drake coffee tableFour Hands Drake Coffee Table

We don’t know where to start with this beautiful, one of a kind piece. Crafts from reclaimed wood, this angular design is an elegant piece for any space and will soon become the focal point for any room where it finds its home.

Added to this you have the broad, recessed top which means whatever you store on top of it will not easily be lost. 

four hands holmes coffee tableFour Hands Holmes Coffee Table

This simple and elegant design is most definitely Danish-inspired. The Four Hands Holmes Coffee Table combines a smoked drift oak, round table top with three slim, tapered legs. These tapered legs are attached to the table with a high contrasted, waxed black joinery. 

A coffee table that is this unique will finish off your space with a style all of its own. Further, like much of the Four Hands range, you could finish it off with other pieces. This table works perfectly with a matching cocktail table. 

four hands indra coffee tableFour Hands Indra Coffee Table

Just looking at the Four Hands Indra Coffee Table, you can tell that the materials used to craft this piece have their own story to tell. The tabletop, a thick slab of spalted primavera, is elegantly finished off with four legs of dark hammered iron. The clean corners bring a nice touch to any space. You can see a perfect blend of styles. 

four hands lindy coffee tableFour Hands Lindy Coffee Table

On first look, you may think this was a bench, and we can understand why. But the Four Hands Lindy Coffee Table is definitely a coffee table - a trend forward one at that. The tabletop is crafted from an ebony soft top-grain leather and is finished off with flat iron legs. 

If you want a coffee table that your family and friends will talk about, this is the coffee table for you. 

four hands oxford coffee tableFour Hands Oxford Small Coffee Table

If you like the idea of the leather look, but space is at a premium then maybe the Four Hands Oxford Small Coffee Table is the one you are looking for. This beautiful table combines an antique Brass Parsons base with top-grain leather tabletop.

With a compact size, this table allows you to have a beautiful statement piece, even in confined spaces. 

four hands alec coffee tableFour Hands Alec Coffee Table

When family and friends walk into your living space, they won’t be able to help themselves. They will stop and take a second look at your coffee table if it’s a Four Hands Alec Coffee Table. It’s simply stunning.

It combines strips of reclaimed multi-toned Peroba, crafted into a square slap. This slab almost appears to float as it sits atop four angled, black iron supports. 

four hands byron coffee tableFour Hands Bryon Coffee Table

If you are an avid collector of prized-possessions, then the Four Hands Byron Coffee Table may be what you are looking for. Almost like a shadowbox, this coffee table allows you to display your prized possessions within the glass enclosure. They’ll sit atop a brown mango wood base. All of this comes together within a gunmetal-finished iron frame. 

four hands crosby round coffee tableFour Hands Crosby Round Coffee Table

If you want to make a dramatic statement, if you want visitors to stop and take notice of your living space, then you want to check out the Four Hands Crosby Round Coffee Table. The tabletop is crafted from reclaimed peroba wood. It is finished off with a soft grey, textured faux shagreen base. 

Four Hands Felicity Coffee TableFour Hands Felicity Coffee Table

This coffee table just screams elegance and sophistication. It combines a white marble top and matte brass-finished supports. It also includes a brass magazine rack for an added touch of practicality. 

The right coffee table finishes off your living space. If you feel like something is missing, you may want to fill the space with a coffee table. The right coffee table enhances a space - both through being an artistic feature piece and also by adding functionality to your room. Give the combination of function and design, it’s important that you put some thought into your chosen coffee table. We hope that by reading this article you have had some guidance in making this important choice. 

If you are buying your first coffee table, or looking to transform your space, you want to take a look at these ten coffee tables from Four Hands. These tables all show Four Hands' ability to innovate and experiment, putting together materials that create amazing statement pieces. Their designs blend traditional styles with modern innovation. 

Four Hands makes a range of furniture that can beautifully transform your home. Many of their pieces fit perfectly together, or can mix and match with other brands and styles. As you look at their coffee table range, checking out what’s popular above, you may want to further check out their other furniture and make some changes throughout the rest of the home. 

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