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Top 10 Essentials For Living Coffee Tables

by DAnny Robertson

essentials for living coffee table in room

Deciding on the perfect coffee table can be tough. With so many brands and styles available today, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. Essentials For Living is one of our most popular and trusted furniture brands that we love to recommend to customers. Their neutral tones and classic, yet modern styling fits into most contemporary settings. 

There are so many things to think about when purchasing a new coffee table.  You want a coffee table that is practical, but one that also fits your own style.

You might be deciding between a statement piece in your living area, or perhaps one that may be better suited to use by the whole family. What if it is possible to have both? What if it is possible to have a coffee table your friends will notice, whilst also being loved and used by all the family. 

It doesn’t matter what you are looking for. We’re confident that there will be something in the Essentials for Living range of coffee tables that works for you. We are confident that you will find a table that you love. 

In many houses, the living room is the focal point of the house. It’s where you entertain. It’s where you sit back and relax with family and friends. The coffee table is an important part of this - you socialize around the coffee table that holds your finger food and drinks. That is why we have put together this article. 

With this article we wanted to share with you our top 10 Essentials for Living Coffee Tables. Essentials for Living designs are incredibly popular with our customers - not just their coffee tables but all of their furniture designs. Their mix is eclectic and ranges from traditional to contemporary. More importantly , their quality craftsmanship means their designs look great and they are of the highest quality.

Check out our top 10 Essentials for living coffee tables below. If you'd like to read further about the brand, read our Essentials For Living Buyer's Guide Here.

Peak Coffee TableEssentials For Living Peak Coffee Table

The quality craftsmanship in this table is obvious just by looking at it. This coffee table is a true statement piece and will be noticed as soon as they walk into the room.

This transitional style coffee table is a modern take on a chevron patterned coffee table. The beauty of the chevron pattern is that you can use it to complement a variety of styles - from cottage to contemporary. 

The hand-carved, natural bone inlay is designed and crafted with ethically sourced and cruelty free sustainable materials. 

You can feel good purchasing this coffee table knowing that it is artisanally and ethically crafted. 

Perch Coffee TableEssentials For Living Perch Coffee Table

The Essentials for Living Perch Coffee Table is elegant and classy. It is masterfully crafted with a marble table top sitting upon a metal base. The bold contrasting lines of the metal base give this modern coffee table a contemporary feel. But to us it is so much more than this eclectic, contemporary design.

When we see this table, we see fun times with the whole family on a weekend afternoon. We see the kids pulling a puzzle off the shelf and putting it together on top of the coffee table whilst everyone is spending time together. We see quality time spent catching up with a friend you haven’t seen in ages whilst you set your coffee down on the table (after hastily cleaning up clutter and putting it on the shelf.)

This design will complement so many different living room designs and is the perfect table for most families. 

perch square coffee tableEssentials For Living Perch Square Coffee Table

Much like the coffee table mentioned directly above, this transitional style coffee table is a great piece and could be the perfect fit for your home. The shelf allows you to keep things tidy and within reach, whilst not cluttering the top of the table.

The thick marble table top is elegant but also sturdy. This coffee table is a beautiful statement piece, but also perfect for everyday use. 

The strong, bold lines of the metal base on this square coffee table contrast perfectly with the marble, and make this coffee table a focal point for any room.

flora coffee tableEssentials For Living Flora Coffee Table

The Essentials for Living Flora Coffee Table is as much a piece of art as it is a functional coffee table (and it’s definitely a sturdy and functional coffee table.)

This table is cylindrical in shape and finished with a smooth, solid mango wood top. 

At first glance your guests may feel like they have noticed a large round drum in the middle of your living space. The rim around the table top gives off this vibe.

On further inspection, your guests won’t be able to help but admire the artistic detail contained in the hand carved floral motif. 

hive coffee tableEssentials For Living Hive Coffee Table

The aptly named Essentials for Living Hive Coffee Table is a statement piece and one of the most popular in the range. Crafted in a distressed bronze, this hollow cylindrical shape with a smooth metal top features a 3 dimensional hexagonal motif- reminiscent of a beehive. 

The metal craftsmanship makes this table incredibly sturdy but, being hollow, it is still lightweight enough to be easily maneuverable. 

hex coffee tableEssentials For Living Hex Coffee Table

This simplicity of the Essentials for Living Hex Coffee Table belies its elegance. This straight-lined rectangular coffee table, crafted from light brushed gray mango features a wooden inlay top that has a beautiful hexagon pattern.

The table is beautifully finished with an electroplated steel frame and solid wood inset shelf. The shelf makes this the perfect family coffee table whilst also ensuring it adds a stylish touch to any room. 

If you are looking for something “different” we highly recommend this table as a great choice.

Rochelle Upholstered Coffee TableEssentials For Living Rochelle Upholstered Coffee Table

Is it a bench, or is it a coffee table? The Essentials For Living Rochelle Upholstered Coffee Table is a transitional style upholstered coffee table with button-tufting detail and a metal base. It is crafted from a synthetic leather top, with high density goal and pirelli webbing. The table top sits atop a metal base. This unique table will be a wonderful addition to any living space. 

rochelle square coffee tableEssentials For Living Rochelle Upholstered Square Coffee Table

For some of our customers, they really love the upholstered style of the Rochelle range, but their space is better suited to a square coffee table. Luckily we have them sorted as the Essentials for Living Rochelle Coffee Table comes in square too. 

Roto Large Coffee TableEssentials For Living Roto Large Coffee Table

The Essentials For Living Roto Large Coffee Table is bold and contemporary. If you are looking for a round coffee table to give your living space a modern feel, then you really do need to take a look at this coffee table. 

This coffee table combines a diamond pattern veneer top with a Natural Gray Oak finish.It is finished off with the bold accent provided by the metal base. 

At 42.5” this coffee table is large enough to be practical, whilst at the some time compact enough to fit in smaller living rooms if space is a premium. 

Nouveau Coffee TableEssentials For Living Nouveau Coffee Table

The Essentials for Living Nouveau Coffee Table is a transitional style coffee table featuring a tempered glass top and shelf with a sleek frame and clear acrylic legs.

The tempered glass top means that you can use this table almost as a light box and viewing place for other pieces throughout your home. Place interesting books, flowers or other pieces on the lower shelf and turn this coffee table almost into an art display.

As you can see the Essentials for Living Coffee Table range is bold and eclectic. With many different shapes, sizes and designs there is certainly a coffee table that will suit your own budgets and tastes. 

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