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The Top 10 Essentials For Living Beds for Dreamy Sleep

by DAnny Robertson

essentials for living bed

The bed is the focal point of any bedroom - and a quality bed is important for a great night’s sleep. The right mattress, pillow, sheets and duvet make all the difference in the look and feel of your bed.

Your bed frame is equally important - especially from a design / aesthetic standpoint. If you change your bed frame you are completely changing the look of your bedroom. 

Further, your chosen bed frame can really change the storage space in your bedroom. Choose a bed frame with high legs or built in cabinets and you’ve automatically got extra space to store stuff away. 

Beyond its looks, a bed frame can also offer additional storage space, either through high underbed clearance or built-in drawers. To help your search, we’ve created a guide of the important factors to consider when selecting a bed frame, as well as 10 options to consider based on varying aesthetics, materials, and heights.

With this article we wanted to share with you ten of the best bed frames available from Essentials for Living. These beautiful beds are designed from a range of materials and come with a number of different sizes and fit into a variety of room configurations. 

These bed frames by Essentials for Living are popular with our team in the office and popular with our customers. Do yourself a favor and check them out. We are sure that you will find the perfect bed frame for your own bedroom. 

icon bedEssentials For Living Icon Bed

The Essentials For Living Icon Bed is sleek and modern. This modern styled bed frame is Italian crafted and is designed for a box spring foundation. The metal trim of the headboard contrasts nicely with the white high gloss lacquer from which the rest of the bed frame is constructed. The trim is treated with a resin that adds to the shine of the headboard. It gives it some artistic volume.

If you really want to complete the look in your bedroom, pair this bed frame with some nightstands (sold separately.)

noble bedEssentials For Living Noble Bed

The Essentials for Living Noble Bed is named well. This Italian designed and built bed frame really is a bed designed for the Nobility. This bed is beautifully crafted from a glossy gray birch lacquer. The headboard is accentuated with a metal trim. 

This contemporary styled bed frame is chic. It is a modern statement piece that will enhance any bedroom that it is added to. 

As well as its modern sleek look, this bed is designed to be sturdy and hard wearing. It has a center support leg that stretches across the full width of the bed, meaning that it will provide you long lasting support and a comfortable night’s sleep. 

Collina BedEssentials For Living Collina Bed

The Essentials for Living Collina Bed is an Italian crafted bed that combines contemporary style with a hint of vintage nostalgia.

It’s strong sleek lines and chrome foil trim are finished off beautifully with a vintage oak, high gloss finish. The lacquer used to create the finish is anti-scratch and repairable, making this bed a hard-wearing and sturdy choice, as well as being a beautiful statement piece. 

The Collina Bed is available in two sizes - Queen and King - so it is a great bed  for almost any bedroom space. 

Malay bedEssentials For Living Malay Bed

The Essentials for Living Malay Bed is a statement bed frame. This bed, crafted from hand woven natural Abaca rope with Natural Gray Mahogany legs.will harken images of a remote safari and colonial times. 

Almost as important as the unique look that this bed frame will give your bedroom, this bed also is easy to assemble. You can put this bed together without tools. 

sloan bedEssentials For Living Sloan Bed

There is so much to love about the Essentials for Living Sloan Bed. The soft Cream Velvet upholstery just whispers to you. It wants your warm caress.

The attention to detail with the Espresso Finish and Antique Brass nails in the head make this bed frame one that is fit for royalty.

The tufted headboard serves dual purposes. It acts as a statement piece in your bedroom whilst also seemingly enveloping and cocooning you as you lay down for a great night’s sleep.

The design is finished perfectly with the contrasting legs to balance out this bed frame.  

barclay bedEssentials For Living Barclay Bed

I don’t think there are enough superlatives in the world to describe how beautiful this bed is. Let’s start with the curved, tufted headboard design. This gives you a feeling of comfort and cocoon when you are drifting off to sleep. 

It is finished off perfectly with the 100% linen upholstery and accentuated by the curved footboard design. This transitional style bed is the perfect addition to any bedroom, It is available in 3 sizes - Queen, King and Cal King. 

stewart bedEssentials For Living Stewart Bed

This wingback upholstered queen bed frame will add sophistication and class to any bedroom. If it’s sophistication you want, you can stop reading this article. The color palette of this bed means that it fits perfectly in with a range of styles - you can mix and match furniture in the bedroom with ease.

Don’t let the pearl colors worry you either. The fabric is stain resistant and easy to clean so you won’t have to worry about any mess. This bed frame will look great for years. 

chandler bedEssentials For Living Chandler Bed

The Essentials for Living Chandler Bed is a transitional style bed featuring 100% Polyester upholstery with Natural Gray Solid Oak finish. It is available in two velvet color options - Cream and Dark Dove. 

The sleek lines in the Headboard are what really stands out with the Chandler Bed

It is available in 3 sizes - Queen, King and Cal King. 

balboa bedEssentials For Living Balboa Bed

Just look at the attention to detail in the headboard. The curved wingback sides stand out and will really make this a statement piece in your bedroom. This is further accentuated with the piped edges giving this bed frame an extra dimension. 

The color combination of this bed frame means it will fit in with a number of different furniture options and color combinations. The quality, stain resistant fabric means that this bed frame also comes with an extra level of dependability and durability.

The perfect addition to any bedroom. 

keyton daybedEssentials For Living Keaton Daybed

Whilst not a traditional bed frame in the way that others mentioned in this article are, no article about the Essentials for Living Beds range would be complete without mentioning the Keyton Daybed.

This daybed is both stylish and comfortable. This bed is the perfect combination of modern, sleek lines with an exposed wood base. The bolster pillows complete the look.

This daybed is the perfect combination. It’s size means that it is suitable as both a daybed or a bench. It’s neutral color palette means that it can fit into any room. This means it’s a perfect fit for the master bedroom, the guests room or the living room. 

This bed is designed with modern, sleek lines and an exposed wood base. The width and length of this bed are suitable to be used as a daybed or bench, while its neutral color palette fits in well with many designs. Its diverse functionality will work well in guest bedrooms and living rooms. It features two round bolster pillows to complete the look.

There you have it. The best Essentials for Living Beds from our range. Make sure you check out the rest of the Essentials for Living range if you are planning on furnishing your whole home. 

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