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Sleep in Style with our Favorite Four Hands Beds

by DAnny Robertson

four hands bed in bedroom

Chances are you know how important sleep is, but like many, you may not be getting enough of it. Don’t worry, the perfect night’s sleep is possible. You just need to make sure that you have everything set up for success.

When putting together the perfect bed, you'll need to consider the right pillow, the right mattress, and the right bed sheets. The funnest part is tying this all together with a high quality, stylish bed frame.

That is what this article is about. Today we want to share with you our favourite Four Hands beds. These 10 transitional style bed frames are quality statement pieces for any bedroom - they look beautiful. The quality craftsmanship means they are sturdy and long lasting. You'll love how these beds look in your bedroom, if coupled with a comfortable mattress, pillow and sheet set, you'll have the best sleep of your life. 

All of these bed frames come from our partners at Four Hands. Their master craftsmen create furniture with the goal of bringing life to your space - in this case your bedroom. Their well designed furniture is built upon a culture of inspiration, experimentation and innovation. They travel the globe looking for new ideas. Their goal as a company is “furnishing style.” We’re sure you’ll love their bed frames as much as we, and more importantly, our existing customers do. 

Check out our top 10 beds from the Four Hands range below.  Also, don't forget to read more about the brand and visit our Four Hands Buyer's Guide.

casey iron bedFour Hands Casey Iron Bed

The Four Hands Casey Iron Bed is a modern take of the vintage European hospital beds. The simple iron tubing creates modern geometrical patterns for an airy feel. If you are looking for a minimalist design then this bed frame may be for you.

The team at Four Hands recommend combining this bed frame with a low-profile box spring mattress. 

You’ll struggle to find a more modern, elegant iron bed frame online. 

aidan bedFour Hands Aidan Bed

The Four Hands Aidan Bed is the perfect addition to any modern bedroom. The clean lines and modern Italian styling exhibits comfort and luxury. This bedroom is a modern statement piece for your master bedroom.  

If you are looking for elegant simplicity and affordable luxury, the Four Hands Aidan Bed should be on your list for consideration. Just kick back, cuddle up and enjoy a great night’s sleep. 

lanai banana leaf bedFour Hands Lanai Banana Leaf Bed

This bed frame is just beautiful. As the name suggests, the Four Hands Lanai Banana Leaf Bed is crafted from woven banana leaf. This modern piece is a well crafted statement piece for those that want a modern feel in their bedroom.

The banana leaf frame sits atop low profile wooden legs. 

This bed frame is crafted from sturdy materials but the woven banana leaf frame means that it has a light feel that belies its quality. If you are looking for that coastal lifestyle in your own bedroom then this is the bed for you. 

Carlisle bedFour Hands Carlisle Bed

The Four Hands Carlisle Bed is well crafted. The simplicity of this bed frame is what makes it so stylish. Their travels across the globe are what has influenced this Danish-inspired design.

This bed is crafted from a solid natural oak. The headboard and legs are crafted from gunmetal coloured satin brass. This adds to the statement piece that is this bed.

This quality bed frame does not require a box spring mattress to ensure you get a well-rested night’s sleep. 

waverly iron bedFour Hands Waverly Iron Bed

The Four Hands Waverley Iron bed is hand crafted from iron, wrought into arcs that give this bed a soft and feminine feel. Each end includes open railing, giving this bed a light and breezy feel for any bedroom. 

What we really love about this bed is that this bed frame transforms rough-hewn materials into these beautifully elegant art deco bed frames. 

If you are looking for simple tranquillity this bed frame is for you. 

gideon bedFour Hands Gideon Bed

This bed frame is artisan crafted from iron with modern, clean lines forming geometric shapes. If you like a linear feel, and want your bed frame to make a statement in your master bedroom, then the Four Hands Gideon Bed may be what you are looking for.

The minimalist style and clean lines give a clean, fresh vibe to any room

Our experts recommend combining this bed frame with a low-profile box spring for the perfect night’s sleep. 

rosedale bedFour Hands Rosedale Bed

If you want to give your bedroom a unique look, whilst keeping things light and breezy, then you need to do yourself a favour and check out the  Four Hands Rosedale Bed.

The Four Hands Rosedale Bed consists of a tan top-grain leather headboard combined with a frame of washed oak. If you are looking for a soft look in your bedroom then this bed frame is for you. 

This bed frame is available in two sizes. You can get it in a King or a Queen. 

madison bedFour Hands Madison Upholstered Bed

The Four Hands Madison Upholstered Bed is a bed frame that is fit for a king or queen. THis frame combines dramatic lines and angular wings. The charcoal grey colour of this upholstered bed is what gives it a feel that is both modern and sophisticated. 

You really will feel like you are living in palace luxury if you furnish your home with this bed frame. 

trey bedFour Hands Trey Bed

This bed frame combines elegant simplicity with a unique story. The Four Hands Trey Bed is inspired by mid century platform beds but with materials that give it a fashion-forward feel. The platform frame sits atop hard iron legs.

The bed is crafted from walnut and oak. The knots and natural beauty marks of this wooden frame mean each bed is unique. Each Trey bed tells its own story. This story is what makes this bed interesting and harks back to the mid century feel. It really is a great bed for that person that enjoys an eclectic look in their bedroom. 

The Four Hands Trey Bed is available in two sizes and two finishes. 

rennie bedFour Hands Rennie Bed

Last, but certainly not least, the Four Hands Rennie Bed is one that brings a simple elegance to the bedroom. This upholstered frame ensures you will have a great night's sleep. It is upholstered from a velvety grey-cotton and has button tufting for texture. The brass-finished legs really top off this bed frame. 


When you are putting together your master bedroom there are many things that you need to consider. You need to look at mattresses, sheets, and pillows as well as your bed frame. When you are choosing your bed frame we’ve made these recommendations to you for a number of reasons. Not only are they popular amongst our team and our customers, but they also combine the best of quality and style at a price that most people love. 

Four Hands Beds fit into the overall style of Four Hands furniture, but since they’re contemporary / transitional in style, they’ll fit in comfortably in most of today's settings. If you are looking to complete your whole home with a brand that you can mix and match to create a home that is perfect for you, then you can easily combine a Four Hands bed with furniture from the rest of the Four Hands product line, or any our other quality brands. 

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