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Our Favorite Four Hands Lounge Chairs

by DAnny Robertson

four hands lounge chair in roomThe perfect Four Hands lounge chair is the ideal addition to any living room, bedroom, or reading room - whether it’s because you’re spending more time at home, or you just want the perfect chair for curling up with a good book. The right lounge chair should not only be comfortable, but can become a central feature or statement piece to a room. 

Lucky for you, the lounge chairs featured below combine both exquisite style with comfort. You can have a chair that people talk about and also one that you’ll love to curl up in for hours on end.

Whatever your reason for wanting to get a new lounge chair, check out our top 10 favourite Four Hands lounge chairs below.

Before we discuss each chair, let me tell you a little about the Four Hands brand.

Four Hands is a company based in Austin, Texas that searches the globe for inspiration. They combine traditional style with modern aesthetics to create timeless designs that fit into almost any space. Their travels have taken them all over the globe in search of inspiration with the goal to ‘furnish style.” Four Hands brings life to your space and believes well designed furniture can achieve this. Their aesthetically pleasing and comfortable designs are the results relentless creativity, tinkering and experimentation. 

If you'd like to dive deeper into the Four Hands brand, read our Four Hands Buyer's Guide.

Now let’s have a look at the top 10 Four Hands lounge chairs

ace chairFour Hands Ace Chair

We don’t know about you but when we look at the Four Hands Ace Chair all that we can imagine is curling up with a good book. The Four Hands Ace Chair combines a hand shaped oak frame with a soft, olive coloured cotton. It has a low profile which is why it is so comfortable to lounge in. 

The Four Hands Ace Chair combines traditional design principles with elegance and experimentation to come up with this beautiful statement piece that will suit many different spaces. If you are looking for a statement piece that will transform a space, this lounge chair is the perfect option for you. 

banks swivel chairFour Hands Banks Swivel Chair

The team at Four Hands have taken a classic design and through their own experimentation and tinkering delivered this elegant and modern, fresh take on the swivel chair. 

The Four Hands Bank Swivel chair has a linen blend ivory coloured slip cover that is high performing. This combined means that this lounge chair is both stylish and practical. Don’t let the small size of this chair fool you, it is incredibly comfortable. 

We’re not going to lie. If you have young children they are going to love swinging around on this chair and having fun with the swivel. It’s incredibly comfortable. 

maxx swivel chairFour Hands Maxx Swivel Chair

As we’ve mentioned before, the team at Four Hands like to tinker and experiment. They like to take the traditional and make it new again.

The Four Hands Maxx Swivel chair is another example of this. Designed with a distressed black top-grain leather and mounted on a smooth swivel base of weathered oak, this chair is a modern take on the classic library chair. A perfect chair for reading your favorite books, one that combines style and comfort. 

emmett sling chairFour Hands Emmett Sling Chair

This chair is yet another example of Four Hands taking a fresh, modern approach to a traditional design. You can see the throwback to sling-style seating with this chair. It’s low and curved with tobacco-toned leather on a slim, gunmetal-finished iron frame. 

This chair just screams “cool.” This elegantly stylish chair transforms your space and combines charm and comfort. Take a look at this chair. Can’t you just imagine sitting back and enjoying a cocktail in this chair?

Topanga Swivel ChairFour Hands Topanga Swivel Chair

This chair is luxurious. You can tell just by looking at it how soft it is to the touch. This chair combines a laid-back single pillow withWith Cream boucle, curved arms and plush seating. What really sets this chair apart is the hidden swivel that really makes this chair unique.  

This Topanga Swivel chair is the perfect chair for hids to curl up in with their book or for you to spend time catching up with family and friends over a cup of coffee. 

brooks lounge chairFour Hands Brooks Lounge Chair

Given that we know Four Hands have a passion for taking traditional designs and experimenting with them, it should come as no surprise that they have delivered their own take on the classic Adirondack design. The think, top-grain leather cushioning on this chair combines comfort and style. This combines perfectly wit the wire-brushed oak design to complete the look. 

lamar chairFour Hands Lamar Chair

With the Four Hands Lamar Chair you can see their modern take on another classic - the traditional  club chair.

The tufted moss wing-flared seating, combined with tapered legs of cedar-finished nettlewood create a perfect statement in any room. This lounge chair screams confidence and a modern interpretation of stylish mid-century design. 

This chair is the type of chair your grandparents had in the 60’s, only cooler. 

danya chairFour Hands Danya Chair

Sticking to the theme of modern interpretations of mid-century classics, if this is your style you need to check out the Four Hands Danya chair. The crisp and neutral fabric gives the chair a textured, woven feel. Thes molded curves and textured fabric combine perfectly with the classically shaped, tapered legs. 

swivel wing chairFour Hands Swivel Wing Chair

Like us, you probably have fond memories of relaxing in a traditional wingback chair at either a family member’s or a friend’s house. If you share these memories, you will love the Four Hands Swivel Wing Chair.

It’s a throwback to the traditional wingback combined with a number of modern comforts and surprises. It contains a herringbone toned slip cover and a hidden swivel for that extra comfort and “fun.”

braden leather chairFour Hands Braden Leather Chair

Last, but certainly not least, no discussion regarding the Four Hands range of lounge chairs would be complete without acknowledging their Braden Leather Chair. Like most of their range it combines a modern and sophisticated throwback to mid-century style.

This leather combines the dramatic arms of sculpted nettlewood frame with a deep, brandy top-grain leather seat. This chair is incredibly comfortable and one that your guests will admire. 

Dramatic arms and a deeper seat offer relaxation with mid-century modern sophistication. Sculpted nettlewood frame adds an architectural feel to brandy top-grain leather.

As the team at  Four Hands say, they like to tinker and experiment. We’ve shared with you a number of modern interpretations of classic designs - all of which combine comfort and style to give your house a modern and sophisticated look. Four Hands Furniture can transform a space and have your guests stopping in their tracks.

Further, the beauty of the Four Hands range of lounge chairs is that you can be bold and experiment yourself. The team at Four Hands have a wide range of other furniture options and you can combine your chosen lounge chair with anything else from the range. Four Hands can help you create your own style.

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