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How to Create a Relaxing and Stylish Bedroom with Four Hands

by DAnny Robertson

Designing / decorating your bedroom can be a lot of fun if you have some beautiful pieces of furniture to work with. Four Hands furniture works very well when designing a transitional space as they incorporate some elements of traditional and modern design into almost every piece. In this article, we’ll learn a bit more about creating a bedroom you love with Four Hands furniture.

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Transitional style furniture is such a joy to design / decorate with. With it’s blending of traditional and modern elements, the possibilities are almost endless. The combination of old and new allows for so many fun and unique juxtapositions, creating a timeless style with a lot of room for personal expression. 

How do we furnish a relaxing and stylish bedroom with Four Hands furniture? Let’s have a look.

four hands bedroom

Prioritize your bedroom

In their lifetime, the average individual sleeps for around 26 years, which adds up to 9,490 days or 227,760 hours. So it’s a good idea to make your bedroom relaxing, inviting, and a place you look forward to spending time in.

Your bedroom can be a sanctuary where you relax and find peace. It can also be a stylish place that is completely your own, built to reflect your personality.

The first thing you want to consider when designing your bedroom is what makes it comfortable and relaxing. You want to make sure that the room is well lit, warm, and inviting. The furniture should be comfortable as well - whatever makes you feel relaxed will help you sleep more soundly.

Some other important things are staying true to the style of the room that fits what you like, finding ways to add style without overwhelming the space, and making sure there's ample storage for all of your belongings.

Choose a bed that's both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing

When it comes to decorating the bedroom, you want something that is not only functional but also stylish. With so many options in stores, it can be difficult to pick the best one. Here are some tips on what makes a bedroom relaxing and stylish:

  • Choose an elegant bed frame that matches your style.

  • Select designs that are not overdone on the walls of your bedroom.

  • Play with patterns and colors on your bedding sets to create a calming ambiance.

  • Don't forget to add some accessories like lamps, bookcases, and rugs for a complete look.

madison upholstered queen bed

The Madison Upholstered Queen Bed is ideal for a relaxed and stylish bedroom.

The angular wings, dramatic lines, and charcoal grey upholstery of this bed create a contemporary, sophisticated statement.

The transitional design school of thought has heavily influenced the look of Four Hands furniture.

Transitional furniture strives to mix traditional design's distinct flair with modern furniture's practicality and use, making this bed the perfect starting point and centerpiece for your relaxing and stylish bedroom.

Define your personal style with accessories

You can make your bedroom more relaxing and stylish by adding certain accessories. This can be anything from a comfortable chair to a painting on the wall.

But the part of your bedroom you’ll probably enjoy adding accessories to the most is your Dresser.  Four Hands has a number of beautiful dressers, but the Four Hands Suki 9 Drawer Dresser is a great (and popular) choice.

It offers features to compliment your relaxing and stylish bedroom:

  • Simple elegance with a contemporary twist

  • To soften the inherent depth of a polished black finish, solid acacia generates clear lines.

  • Hardware with a brass finish

  • There are nine large drawers, giving more than enough storage space

In its own words, Four Hands aims to "furnish style."

The brand's amazing assortment of unique and expertly designed furniture, and their ability to keep up with the design world's ever changing trends has helped Four Hands establish a strong reputation among interior designers and decorators.

Additionally, the brand's pricing is not out of reach for the average consumer.

Ideas to accessorize your dresser

  • A nice piece of art hanging over your dresser will add individuality and color to your bedroom

  • Combine it with layered decorative items such as baskets, plants, and a lamp that matches the ambiance of the room.

  • For a more feminine look, jewelry, stylish hair brushes, and cosmetics can also all be stored in little baskets on top of your dresser.

Add an Ottoman

An Ottoman is a piece of furniture that offers a designer and upscale look without the price tag that goes with it. It also helps to create an ambiance that is both comfortable and soothing.

The type of Ottoman you choose will depend on your bedroom size and the style you want to achieve. While decorating in a transitional style, you can choose something sleek and modern, or something more transitional, depending on the balance of the decor in the rest of the room.

The following are some things you should consider when choosing an Ottoman for your bedroom:

  • Size: The size of the Ottoman will depend on how much space your bed takes up in a room. If you have a large bed in the room, then a smaller-sized one is ideal.

  • Style: Whether it's a modern, traditional or transitional look your bedroom has - choose an Ottoman to compliment the overall look.

The vintage modern look of the Four Hands Petra Ottoman is a strong choice for a stylish bedroom. It offers a nicely shaped oval formed from solid oak to compliment many of the Four Hands beds.

four hands petra ottoman


Is lighting important for a bedroom?

The importance of great lighting in the bedroom has never been more apparent than today. Whether it's a calming ambiance that makes falling asleep easier or the ability to enjoy a romantic evening with your loved one, great lighting can make all the difference.

A few tips include using lamps with dimmer switches, installing overhead lights instead of side lights, and getting as much natural light into the bedroom as possible. 

For those of you who work at night - if you don't like bright white light - invest in blackout curtains or LED lamps that emit a soft glow throughout the room.

Make sure all the lighting in your room compliments the rest of your bedroom’s look. For a transitional style, both modern or traditional lighting can work well. Four Hands also has some great lighting to choose from.

How do I make my bedroom smell more relaxing?

While furniture is the focus of this article, the right scents can make the whole bedroom environment feel more comfortable and relaxing and activate all the senses to create a cozy and relaxing space.

Some of the best scents for bedrooms include lavender, vanilla, and jasmine. You can also use essential oils like lemon or mint to freshen up your room.

As soon as you walk into your bedroom, you want it to feel fresh and inviting. You want it to feel cozy and serene, with the scent of lavender or your favorite flower wafting through the air.

There are a couple of key ways to make your bedroom more relaxing, with scents that will help you de-stress at the end of a long day.

1) Choose candles that match the color scheme of your room or decor. Lavender is a great option for calming people down in their bedrooms while sage goes well with wood tones.

2) Keep a small pot of essential oil near your bedside table so that you can diffuse essential oils while reading or just as an extra scent boost when you need it.

Before you create and furnish your relaxing and stylish bedroom

Do a deep clean

When it comes to interior design, having a clean and neat bedroom is the first step towards creating a stylish and inviting space. But there’s more to furnishing your bedroom than picking out the perfect bedding set. To make your room feel like a sanctuary, start with a deep clean.

  • Clean the windows by wiping them down.

  • Treat your bedroom to a thorough scrubbing, dusting, and hoovering

  • The more time and effort you spend on cleaning your bedroom, the more attached you will feel to it.


A bedroom can be a perfect place to relax and unwind from a long day of work. It should have all the necessities for you to make your sleep time more comfortable and memorable.

However, what some people might not know is that this could be difficult to achieve if your bedroom is a mess. The clutter in your bedroom might make it difficult for you to sleep soundly or feel at ease while doing so.

One of the best ways in which you can get rid of clutter before furnishing your stylish bedroom is by removing old or broken furniture. This will give you a clear view of what you have and make it easier to shop around for new furniture pieces, including those that are great value for money.


A bedroom is such an important part of a home. It is a space where you’ll sleep, rest and relax. So, it is essential that it be comfortable and stylish - A space that you look forward to unwind and rest in.

While some people prefer to leave the design to their interior designer, others prefer to do it themselves on their own time and budget. There are many ways for people to have an aesthetically pleasing bedroom at an affordable price. With Four Hands Furniture it’s so easy to create a beautiful bedroom that you love and look forward to spending that all important 8 hours per day in.

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