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Discover Four Hands Furniture

by DAnny Robertson

Four Hands Furniture


Four Hands is  a company bursting with creativity, constantly releasing new trend setting pieces that pair well with pretty much any space. The design team is versatile, creating Four hands furniture, lighting and decor that fits into any setting, whether it’s Scandinavian modern, industrial modern or traditional.  Their goal is to “Furnish Style” and they do so in spades. They’re a team devoted to experimentation, tinkering and finding new and old pieces to inspire fresh ideas. 

The popular Austin Texas company has been in business for over 17 years, but has experienced massive growth lately, surpassing $200M / year in revenue and expansion of their headquarters.  They’ve built their name and reputation for producing high quality stylish furniture for the wholesale market, for both big name brands and small retailers alike. Four Hands isn’t a company that’s here one season and gone the next, they understand the changing nature of style and furniture meet the demands gracefully.  Their creative team doesn’t only create beautiful furniture, but they’ve been exceptional at navigating the COVID pandemic as they continue to secure new and supplementary manufacturing partnerships around the world, curbing some of the extended lead times due to supply chain issues around the globe.

Why our customers love Four Hands Furniture...

Four Hands furniture is a great value. They perfectly blend style and quality with a price point that isn’t out of reach. Also, Their furniture is versatile. Their use of natural materials like reclaimed wood, concrete and metal works in spaces from modern to traditional. While all of their pieces are beautiful, Some of their pieces are attention grabbing while others are more subtle. Four Hands navigates the current trends gracefully, always original in their take on the trend, and calling attention to the unique characteristics of the style.

Our favorite Four Hands furniture pieces…

It’s hard to pick favorites with Four Hands, but below is a list of some of our best sellers and why we love them <3

Matthes Console

Charming, rustic, rugged and modern, the Matthes Console blends both old and new into a beautiful piece that’s perfectly contemporary.

 matthes console

Trey Media Cabinet

The Trey Media Cabinet is a beautiful blend of wood, metal and leather with a contemporary / Mid-century feel. it offers plenty of media storage space and pairs wonderfully with the Trey bookshelf.

 trey media console

Ace Chair

We love the Ace Chair. It’s so versatile ad fits in any space from modern, to traditional. Its simple clean look looks as good in a Scandinavian living room as it does in a rustic log cabin. 

ace chair

Simone Bistro Table

The Simone Bistro table is a new take on a classic design. Reminiscent of the classic tulip table, the Simone Bistro Table takes it into a new direction with its cast aluminum construction. The antique rust finish make the table truly unique as an indoor our outdoor table. 

 simone bistro table

Banks Swivel Chair

The Banks Swivel Chair is small in scale and big in comfort. It feels both traditional and modern at the same time. The classic swivel chair is brought to life with beautifully small scale design and the practicality of a slipcover. Great for both smaller apartments and large spaces.

banks swivel chair

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