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Modern Lighting

Lighting is important for any room, it has a calming effect, brings interest to a minimal setup, or can even make for a productive work environment. At House&Hold we have assembled an extensive selection of modern lighting by well loved designers. Your walls can now be perfectly back lit and your backyard given a cozy, romantic feel. Keep your life well lit!

Modern & Contemporary Lighting Designers

A crisp hanging light from Oilo, or a ultra contemporary outdoor torch from Plodes, our designers bring quality and craftsmanship to your lighting needs.

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last sale of the season!

last sale of the season!


Raw oysters are one of my favorite winter treats and in season right now in the PacNW. I love how they arrive when ordered out -- on ice and served with a champagne mignonnette. MMM!

holiday '14

During those first few years of being a newly wed (now 15 years married!) I would plan a new elaborate theme for Christmas each year. Fond memories and many, many projects later ... I've settled in. I have a collection of Christmas ornaments & decorations that I cherish and look forward to bringing out each year .. meaningful & reflective.

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& Tradition

&Tradition encourages the creation of what may become the classics of the future and aims to bridge the values of solid handicraft to contemporary design. Their collection not only covers iconic designs and undiscovered gems from the masters of yesterday, but it also features new works from leading designers of today and from the talent of tomorrow.



Plodes Studio is a Texas based multidisciplinary design firm that draws from a coalescence of art, product, and architectural design.


Paul Loebach

Some see references to Shinto temples, others to campfire kindling, humble woodland cabins or childhood forts. However you interpret the geometric lines of the simple and symbolic Shanty Lamp, you will love the warm and diffused light that emanates upwards and down from behind its yellow-pine shade.