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  • list 4.21.14

    list 4.21.14 | H&H Blog

    1. Outdoor Shower
    I shared about this on a list a few weeks ago. Seriously, still on the list.  Image via Style Files.


    list 4.21.14

    2. Air France
    Last week I shared the amazing Vanbot -- this week another favorite, Air France. Swedish beach house duo, yacht pop... so fantastic I don't even have a favorite song. Available on Spotify, which I love. Image via.


    list 4.14.21 | H&H Blog

    3. Sheet Blouse by Cheap Monday
    I just ordered the perfect top from Need Supply. Such a great Spring transitional piece -- love it and the other  Spring Silhouettes.  PS. So glad it's Spring!





  • easter menu

    easter menu | H&H Blog

    Easter this year will be a relaxed day at our house with the inlaws. I will be preparing brunch which I'm totally excited about. We have 16 hens that lay the most amazing vibrant orange yolked eggs. Our local market has fantastic local farm bacon along with roasted asparagus, fresh fruit & mimosas. Mmm. Mini pavlovas with lemon curd & strawberries for dessert, it's going to be a good day.

    Love this recipe from the Tart Tart, pictured above. And these stackable glasses for those mimosas... perfect.

  • menu, soft minimalism

    menu ss14 | H&H Blog

    I love when things are other than the expected. Menu is calling their new shoot soft minimalism...

    New SS14 Menu products will be in the shop soon.

  • list 4.14.14

    list 4.14.14 | H&H Blog

    1. Copy, that. 
    "Start copying what you love. Copy copy copy copy. At the end of the copy you will find yourself."   - Yohji Yamamoto
    image via.


    list 4.14.14 | H&H Blog

    2. Vanbot
    Stockholm based Swedish Synthpop. I was originally introduced to Vanbot because Ester Ideskog is my best friend's sister in law... but has since become an absolute favorite, always in constant rotation on my playlist...   Hold This Moment (remix) ... total best.


    list 4.14.14 | H&H Blog

     3. Off Camera
    I have been thoroughly enjoying Sam Jones' Off Camera series of interviews, in particular this one which pleasantly surprised me with a creative/maker vantage. Well done!

    Off Camera has nothing to do with this bedroom by Jonathan Savoie. I just want to sleep there.

  • romain ricard

    romain ricard | H&H Blogromain ricard | H&H Blogromain ricard | H&H Blogromain ricard | H&H Blog

    I've been thinking a lot about a space being authentic lately - really you. It seems like personal style is so strongly dictated by the IT product of the moment. Trends, fads etc., which is unfortunate.

    Though I'm still feeling the 'just moved in' scenario of blankness in my home (though it's nearly been a year since we moved to the country house!) I desire to add all those reflective, cohesive details. Minimal, yes. Blank, no.

    This home, shot by photographer Romain Ricard has just that - an intrinsic, authentic quality. And I love the lighting.

    Thx for the tip Radostina!

  • low rod

    modernica low-rod arm chair | H&H Blog

    Love a good Low Rod Fiberglass Armshell Chair. Beautiful base, huh?
    Shop Modernica.

    image via.

  • da daa

    da daa | H&H Blog da daa | H&H Blog da daa | H&H Blogda daa | H&H Blog


    I feel like I just found a little treasure. For real, check out Anna's blog Da Daa. She posts photos of her home & life that are just so authentic & satisfying.
    And seriously, that's a picture of Morrissey on the wall.

  • list 4.7.14

    Emily Chair for Gärsnäs 2014 | H&H Blog

    1. The Emily Chair for Gärsnäs by FÄRG & BLANCHE
    Seriously hot. Need it now. Here.


    facing north with gracia | H&H Blog

    2. Temporary storage, fine by me. 
    Love this handmade shelf by Elena of Facing North With Gracia. It's impromptu and unfussy, which is just so right. Here.


    top with cinnamon | H&H Blog

    3. Madly in love... 
    I'd swap honey for the agave, but really..  pure coconut/chocolate perfection. Well done, Top With Cinnamon.

    Also, thisNay-nay to the gatekeepers and cool kids.... Thx for the reminder, Seth.

  • break!



    Taking a break, it's spring. Hip hip!
    I'll be back in a couple weeks.

  • list 3.17.14

    list 3.17.14 | H&H blog

    1. European Coleslaw
    Recipe here. Enough said.


    list 3.17.14 | H&H blog

    2. Andlyyli
    One of my favorite Instagramers. Top tier. This image she posted last week had me coming back again, again. Composition is perfect. Follow Andlyyli, here.


    list 3.17.14 | H&H blog

    3. Springtime
    Springtime in Portland is well, still cold. Jacket weather. Not sure where its from but this grey-ish (lilac?) jacket / white bag combo is right on. I have a black Clare Vivier La Tropezienne bag ... white would be amazing.


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